COVID 19 or coronavirus disease 2019 is a deadly virus that originated from China and within 2-3 months, it has managed its way to almost all major countries around the world with fatality rate up to 36% in some countries. Doctors and researchers recommend that if you know there are confirmed cases of COVID 19 in an area, you should stay away from it. In case you live in a city or suburb where a few COVID 19 confirmed cases are reported, you shouldn’t try to leave and stay at home as long as possible. By leaving your home you not only put yourself at risk of catching the virus but you can also become the reason to spread it to somewhere else. Keep in mind that even if there is no known cure or vaccine for COVID 19, it’s still possible to get this virus and beat it. Around the world, the recovery rate is more than 70% which means precautions and follow recommended steps; your life might not be at risk.

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Instruction to follow to live in a COVID 19 Hotspot Area:

Don’t go outside:

Perhaps the most important advice to avoid COVID 19 is to stay at home and don’t go outside. This virus spreads rapidly from human to human and a single affected person can spread the virus to dozens of people around him with a single sneeze or cough. This is the reason why governments around the world are taking strict measures in keeping their citizens inside. This COVID 19 virus can survive for days in any atmosphere which means if you go outside, you put yourself at risk of catching the virus from number of places.

Avoid Human Interaction:

It is proven that initially only a few people had this virus and as they weren’t isolated and kept meeting with other people, each of them became the reason of spreading this virus to different countries and nations around the world. It is recommended that if you do need to go outside, you should avoid meeting with other people and try your best to stay and travel alone.

Keep Social Distance:

There are fewer possibilities for you to catch COVID 19 from atmosphere or by touching a surface but higher possibilities are to get the virus by coming in contact with an affected person. Keep in mind that the symptoms of this virus might take up to 2 weeks to emerge and test can take at least few hours to 1 week depending on the method. This means even if you or someone else has the virus, they might not be aware about it. In this scenario where this virus can be transferred by touching hands, hugging and standing too close to the next person, it’s in your best interest to stay away from crowded places and don’t stand right next to anyone.

Isolate Yourself:

A great advice for people who are highly terrified of COVID 19 is to go in isolation at home. It doesn’t mean you need a bed and ventilator or a plastic tent but you can just limit yourself in your bedroom and don’t let anyone come near you. This isolation is required for at least 14 days because COVID 19 symptoms take 2 weeks to show up in affected person. Patients with strong immune system have greater chances to beat this virus and develop antibodies just by staying in quarantine and eating healthy food.

Take Care of Personal Hygiene:

COVID 19 virus can survive on any kind of surface including human skin. This means if you have this virus on your hands, it’s possible that when you touch your face or nose, you transfer the virus to your mouth or esophagus. If this virus enters your body, it goes straight to your lungs and replicates itself in the first few hours of attack. You should wash your hands frequently with regular soap and as soon you arrive home after travel outside, you should immediately change your clothes and take a shower before touching any family member. When you go outside, always wear a surgical mask on your mouth and nose and also wear gloves on your hands.

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