In the current wave of Coronavirus epidemic, everyone wants to know how and when it’s going to end. There are more than 200 countries around the world and it seems that somehow this virus that originated from China has reached most of the nations around the globe. This means there is no immunity against this virus and highly advanced nations i.e. USA and Germany are barely surviving under the attack of this pandemic. The countries where this virus hasn’t reached yet are eager to find how they can prevent the attack and what they can learn from countries currently dealing with this virus. Unfortunately there is no definitive method to compare COVID 19 attack on various countries because each country has its own method of testing, they have different report standards and most importantly, each of them have a different speed or pace to track and test individuals. The data that is shared on internet by these countries can be misleading and if it’s followed for comparison purposes, it can result in dangerous situation.

COVID 19 Spreads Differently around the World:

Since the problem first appeared in December 2019 to the current date when more than 3 million people are tested positive for COVID 19 and death toll rising up to 200,000 around the world, there is no specific pattern of how this virus spreads in various countries. There can be few reasons why researchers can’t compare situations of different countries including; the virus epidemic is not contained yet and most of the countries and nations are under lockdown orders with citizens not allowed to go outside or gather in large groups, countries are not showing actual number of confirmed cases and most of them reporting false figures and last but not the least, it’s not possible to evaluate the exact number of confirmed cases in any country unless everyone is tested which is not an easy task as the procedure can take few hours or days depending on the testing method. But, one thing is sure that COVID 19 is affecting major countries differently around the world. The countries with highest level of healthcare facilities i.e. USA, Canada, UK and Germany are under severe attack of this virus.

Countries with Highest Number of Confirmed Cases:

  • USA: more than 850,000 confirmed cases
  • Spain: more than 200,000 confirmed cases
  • Italy: more than 180,000 confirmed cases
  • France: more than 160,000 confirmed cases
  • Germany: more than 150,000 confirmed cases
  • UK: more than 130,000 confirmed cases
  • Turkey: more than 98,000 confirmed cases
  • Iran: more than 85,000 confirmed cases
  • China: more than 80,000 confirmed cases
  • Russia: more than 55,000 confirmed cases

Geographical factors making COVID 19 Extremely Dangerous:

  1. Air pollution: Although researchers are yet to confirm the connection between air pollution and COVID 19 attack but one thing is for sure that the countries with high pollution index are under severe attack where on the other hand, countries with fewer industries and comparatively cleaner atmosphere only see mild symptoms in patients.
  2. Life style:
    Life style has a lot to do with the current outbreak of COVID 19. The reason that it has hit USA very hard and there are more than 850,000 confirmed cases in all 50 states tells us that the way Americans live their lives is ideal for the spread of this virus. Obesity, cardiovascular disease, asthma and diabetes are few of the medical conditions that American citizens deal on daily basis and it seems when COVID 19 is met with such an existing medical condition, it instantly becomes worse.
  3. Age group of citizens:
    Although no one is immune to COVID 19 pandemic but statistics show that this virus hits elderly with critical symptoms while young people still have chance to recover and beat this virus. Around the world, there are some cases reported where old patients have also recovered but these are only few cases. Majority of the recovered patients who have developed antibodies against this COVID 19 virus are young with healthy and strong immune system.

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