COVID 19 in USA:

Since the first case of COVID 19 registered in Wuhan, China in December 2019, a lot has changed. When there was the first news of a new deadly virus epidemic, government of USA wasn’t so concerned about this disease spreading to other parts but they were sure that this is a severe case of common flu and it shouldn’t be considered very serious. Although it took Chinese government more than 2-3 weeks to realize what this virus can do and then they issued lock down and closed all the cities but USA government not only misled their citizens about the seriousness of this virus but they also waited for another month before actually taking any actions.

It is still not clear when the first case was registered in USA because some say it was reported on 15th January 2020 while others state that it was reported on 21st January. Regardless of the date of the first case, it’s safe to say that virus arrived in USA in mid January 2020. Soon after that from having just 1 citizen with COVID 19, within 1 week, there were 7 new cases and by first week of March 2020, this number went up to 1200 and cases started popping up in all 50 states of USA. Moving forward to the current date, as of 24th April 2020, there are more than 850,000 confirmed cases of COVID 19 with more than 250,000 cases alone in New York. Out of this huge number of patients, only 84000 have recovered while more than 48000 patients died leaving more than 600,000 patients in quarantine, on ventilators and under intensive care. Here is the timeline of spread of COVID 19 in USA.

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  • December 2019: First case of COVID 19 is confirmed in China but there is no case in USA
  • Early January 2020: Chinese government is still considering other options to contain this virus and there is still no confirmed case of COVID 19 in USA.
  • Mid January: USA government haven’t realized the seriousness of this issue and still asking their citizens to move out of China. These citizens when arrived at USA airports weren’t considered a threat and they were allowed to go to their hometowns without screening.
  • 3rd week of January 2020: Chinese government issued immediate lock down orders and entire province of Hubei is closed with no one leaving or entering until further notice.
  • 21st January 2020: First case of COVID 19 is confirmed in USA but government still considers it a normal situation without any immediate threat to public health or safety.
  • End of January 2020: There are more than 10 cases of COVID 19 in various states of USA and each of them visited China in the last 30 days. This is where HHS department declared public health emergency situation in USA.
  • Early February 2020: Passengers arriving from China were screened at airports and they were asked to stay in quarantine for 14 days especially the people who came from Hubei province.
  • Early February 2020: President Donald Trump issues an immediate order to deny entry to travelers especially the ones coming from China.
  • 1st week of February 2020: COVID 19 virus is confirmed in at least 5 states of USA with the first reported case of human to human transfer of the virus.
  • Mid February 2020: USA government issues strict no travel to China order for it’s citizens and cancels all flights to and from China. There are 15 cases of COVID 19 with mild symptoms and no deaths so far.
  • End February and early March 2020: There are more than 60 confirmed cases of COVID 19 with the very first patient dying on 1st
  • Mid March 2020: Situation starts to become serious and there are more than 3000 confirmed cases of COVID 19 with majority of patients having severe symptoms and taking the total death toll to 95.
  • End March 2020: Total number of confirmed patients increase up to 150,000 with at least 4000 deaths. HHS department of USA has declared medical emergency situation and putting all resources to accommodate increasing number of patients.
  • Mid April 2020: More than 600,000 cases are confirmed among all 50 states of USA with death toll rising up to 32,000.
  • 3rd week of April 2020: As of 24th April, there are more than 850,000 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in all 50 states of USA with 36% fatality rate 64% recovery rate.

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