COVID 19 virus which is also referred to as coronavirus was initially found in Wuhan, a province of China and despite the speculations of nations around the world that this virus is not harmful or dangerous and it’s highly unlikely to reach other countries, somehow this virus managed its way to more than 200 countries across the globe. Spain is also one of the top five countries that got hit hard by this virus. As of this date, there are more than 230,000 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in all 50 states along with total deaths number increasing 23,000. On 31st January 2020, first case of COVID 19 was reported in Spain and it took Spanish government almost 6 weeks to impose strict lockdown on citizens and ask them to stay at home and avoid human contact. Although the numbers don’t look good but still the health department has announced that number of new cases and deaths is decreasing and hopefully in mid May, the government will lift lockdown instructions and citizens will be allowed to move freely with precautions.

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  • 31st January 2020: This is the date when the very first patient of COVID 19 was confirmed in Spain. This patient who was a tourist was tested in Canary Islands.
  • 9th February 2020: 2nd patient of COVID 19 was confirmed in Balearic Islands and this time, it was a British citizen who went to France and came in contact with someone who was later confirmed to have COVID 19.
  • 13th February 2020: A 69 year old male dies in Valencia and during post-mortem, it was confirmed that he died of COVID 19. After checking his travel record, government confirmed that he travelled to Nepal recently.
  • 24th February 2020: An Italian doctor who was on vacation in Tenerife was diagnosed with COVID 19 and the government immediately shut down H10 Costa Adeje Palace.
  • 29th February 2020: Confirmed cases of COVID 19 rose to 60 across the country and government starts to see patterns of how this virus transferred from one infected person to multiple healthy people.
  • 6th March 2020: There is a rapid hike in COVID 19 confirmed cases across the country and government officially confirmed that there are more than 400 patients under treatment in different hospitals. This is the same date when SEC announced to remove holy water from all churches and asked the citizens not to shake hands, come close to other people or stand in large groups and most importantly, not to kiss religious images which is a very virtuous practice in Spain for Catholic people.
  • 9th March 2020: The number of confirmed cases rose to more than 1200 across the country and government officially cancelled all schools, colleges and universities in some provinces and COVID 19 hotspot areas allowing more than 1.5 million students to stay at home.
  • 10th March 2020: One of the members of Congress of Deputies tested positive for COVID 19 and the meetings were immediately cancelled and all of the 52 deputies were asked to stay at home. Flights between Spain and Italy are also cancelled until further notice.
  • 12th March 2020: Government officially cancelled all of the schools and universities across the country with asking more than 10 million students to stay at home. At this moment, there were more than 5000 confirmed patients of COVID 19 in Spain.
  • 15th March 2020: Spanish Government announced a nationwide lockdown with closing everything from bars to malls to shopping centers to parks and zoos and museums and only allowed the food shops and pharmacies to stay open. Confirmed cases of COVID 19 increased above 7000 across the country.
  • End March 2020: As the government forced lockdown and started testing more citizens on daily basis, the total number of confirmed cases rose to more than 95,000 by the end of March. The government confirmed that schools and colleges will stay closed until further notice. Meanwhile the death toll went above 1000 despite the strict lockdown policies.
  • Early April 2020: In the first week of April, more than 140,000 people tested positive for COVID 19 and more than 14,000 people died because of this virus. On 3rd April, government announced that 950 people died in a single day which is the highest number of deaths in 24 hours to this date.
  • Mid April 2020: There are more than 200,000 confirmed cases of COVID 19 across the country while death toll increased to more than 20,000 people. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities report that there is a visible decrease in the admissions of new patients and deaths because of COVID 19 virus. During this time, government allowed children younger than 14 years of age to go outside of their homes and spend some time in open atmosphere under restrictions and regulations.

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