Current outbreak of COVID 19 virus has baffled the entire world and it seems no one is safe whether they live in Europe, America, Africa or even in third world countries in Asia because quickly after being recognized as a contagious disease, this virus has spread to more than 150 countries around the world and India is also one of them. If you evaluate the current situation of India and virus pandemic, it will amaze most of us. India is world’s second largest country with population around 1.5 billion and as of this moment in Mid April, there are only 21383 cases of COVID 19 virus are confirmed with the death toll less than 1000 people in the entire country. This situation if compared with the situation of USA surprises most of us because in USA, there are more than 850,000 confirmed cases with more than 50,000 deaths till Mid April.

Some says that India might be the first country to contain COVID 19 virus in the world and we might need to study their behavior and decisions in order to contain the virus in other countries. Most of the credit goes to the government that took strict and quick action in locking down the country and asking people to stay at home. Not only that India allowed its citizens to arrive from various parts of the world but they also airlifted their citizens from number of countries after global flight operations were cancelled including getting their students out of China. These people when arrived at various Indian airports, were properly screened and if they had any symptoms of COVID 19, they were instantly isolated for 2 weeks. Below is the timeline of how India has and is dealing with COVID 19 pandemic.

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  • December 2019: First case of COVID 19 is reported in China but neither the Chinese government nor other nations around the world took it serious including India.
  • Mid January 2020: China understands the severity of the situation and locks down the entire country with putting focus on Hubei and Wuhan. India on the other hand is at ease because there is no confirm case of COVID 19 outside of China.
  • End January 2020: Very first case of COVID 19 virus is reported in India and the patient is a student who just came back from Hubei University. The patient was quickly shifted into quarantine.
  • 2nd February 2020: Despite the knowledge of having the confirmed COVID 19 case, Indian government decides to evacuate more than 300 of its citizens from China and as soon they arrived, they were screened and checked properly.
  • 4th February 2020: There are 3 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in different areas of the country and each of them was quarantined in different locations.
  • 11th February 2020: WHO gives official name to this virus pandemic and refers to it as COVID 19. They wanted to confirm the name that doesn’t point fingers towards a geographical location or a specific country.
  • End February 2020: 2 out of 3 patients recovered and after getting their tests negative, both were discharged from hospitals.
  • Early March 2020: The number of confirmed cases suddenly jumps to around 30 in various parts of the country.
  • 9th March 2020: Two separate families were tested for COVID 19 and their tests came positive. Both of them came from Italy and one of the family members met with their relatives whose test also came positive within next week.
  • 11th March 2020: WHO officially declares COVID 19 outbreak as virus pandemic and India also recognized it as a severe situation where lock down might be the only option.
  • 13th March 2020: India reports first death of a patient due to COVID 19 virus. Meanwhile tests were being conducted and three people who returned from UK, Dubai and Italy were diagnosed with COVID 19.
  • 16th March 2020: India reports 2nd death of its citizen due to COVID 19 virus and government immediately order lock down with closing all institutes, shopping malls and public gatherings.
  • 17th March 2020: Third patient dies due to COVID 19 and total number of reported cases rise up to 135.
  • 22nd March 2020: There are 12 more confirmed cases reported in different areas and India issues Curfew orders for its citizens forcefully asking them to stay at home.
  • 24th March 2020: Indian Prime Minister issued orders for 3 week lock down of entire country.
  • 29th March 2020: There were more than 180 confirmed cases with just 21 people having full recovery.
  • Early April 2020: There is a sudden rise in the number of confirmed cases as Indian government starts to finish more tests and as of early April 2020, there were 4000 confirmed cases with more than 150 people dyeing due to COVID 19 virus.
  • Mid April 2020: There were more than 12,000 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in mid of April and 392 patients died with only 1300 patients getting fully recovered and discharged.
  • 24th April 2020: As of today, Indian government has confirmed more than 23000 confirmed cases, 718 deaths and roughly 5,000 fully recovered patients.

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